Barefoots Leguano Go: Dukla

What are Leguano Barefoots? A must-have for every Dukla fan to support their health!


Shoe Leguano go: Dukla is made of light and breathable textile. The feet thus enjoy full freedom of movement and direct contact with the ground. This minimalist shoe provides the necessary freedom of movement at every opportunity. It has a very comfortable fit and is suitable for the office and as an elegant model for leisure.

Thanks to sophisticated knitting, the fabric is breathable and its design and color create a vivid effect.

The high degree of freedom of movement is made possible by the patented sole, which is only a few millimeters thin and flexible, which makes our bare shoes extremely flexible and also ensures maximum sensory feedback and thus high wearing comfort. Walking barefoot, healthy and natural.

Each shoe is handmade, made in Germany.

Material: Upper: 100% polyester, insole: 50% polyamide, 48% polyurethane, 2% dye, sole: 100% Lifolit

Care instructions: Wash in washing bags at 30 ° C (gentle cycle).


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